Risk Assessment and Analysis:


We perform routine comprehensive site risk assessments and implementing corrective measures that will decrease losses from worker injuries and associated costs including lawsuits. In addition, it will ensure your business is compliant with governmental laws.

Accident Inspection and Analysis:


We can provide valuable insights and concrete guidance in the aftermath of a workplace incident. From securing and assessing the scene, supervising witness management and data collection to accident analysis, root cause identification, reporting and recommendations, we are here to bring clarity to a complex situation.

Safety Audits:


We conduct Safety audits to assure that effective program elements are in place for identifying, eliminating, or controlling hazards that could adversely impact a company’s physical and human assets. We work to help reducing injury and illness rates, lower workers compensation and other business costs, empower employees by involving them in activities affecting their own safety, increase job satisfaction, and make the company more competitive.

Biomechanical Analysis:


Biomechanics is the application of mechanical engineering and physics to the human body to study the kinematics (movement and forces) and related injury mechanisms. We conduct investigations pertaining to the mechanism and causation of injury in different industries such as transportation, consumer product, construction, agricultural, and marine.

Human Factors and Ergonomics:


we conduct human factors and ergonomics assessments in all kinds of contexts, from pre-emptive employee safety projects to investigations into product and premises liability after an accident has occurred.

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