Euro Coast Trading

About Us

ECT has assembled a unique team of Oil & Gas Industry professionals with extensive experience in worldwide upstream operations, strategy and investments.  Our consultants have over 45 years of experience working on projects in the Middle East, North and South America and offshore China.  Today, more than ever, our clients need a trusted advisor to assist with the decisions that plan for their future.  Our experts have an unmatched knowledge of industry challenges such as international contract negotiations, cost controls, and supply chain management.  We approach every challenge with solutions that are custom-fit for your company by working with your teams to build new capabilities that will provide continued success after our work is completed.

Since its inception in 1995, Euro Coast has become a leader in developing successful business relationships in the United States.


As the demand for copper rod, cathode, plate and scrap, aluminum ingot and alloy, magnesium ingot and bar, zinc ingot and alloy ingot, cobalt metal, tin ingot grows, so does Euro Coast. We continuously endeavor to implement new breakthroughs in selling materials and methods; and new opportunities for growth. In fact, Euro Coast has extended its services and has created a new line of Business Safety Consulting Services. At Euro Coast, we believe that the fundamental strength of any success is achieved through teamwork and commitment.


We strive to provide the best quality of materials and excellence in workmanship. At Euro Coast, we believe every customer is an asset to us. Customer satisfaction is essential to our successful business and is therefore our highest priority.